What We Do

Quite Simply…

Regardless of whether you have booked a 2 hour experience, a fun day or a 2 week adventure, we’ll give you the best time of your life

Our job is also to act as your guides during your time with us. We want you to experience everything close up so that you get the most out of every experience but we will always be on hand to ensure your safety at every step.

The solution to a successful Buzz adventure trip is meticulous planning. The bottom line is to make sure you arrive on time, in the right place, carrying what you need. Participating members can then be shipped out across the UK or abroad with undoubtedly high levels of expectation and a great sense of adventure. We will handle every detail of every trip so that your only role is to enjoy every moment of the journey.

Trip Styles

Buzz Adventures offer a wide variety of exciting experiences and expeditions. Each and every one is unique and tremendous fun.

You could base your experience around one activity or multiple activities. You could choose a trip that introduces a new sport or develops existing skills. You can combine physical activity with mental problem solving and team building, with individual team competitions or opt for just plain unadulterated fun.

Whichever option you choose, it is most unlikely that the people who come along for the adventure will have a similar outlook on life, and for some, will build life long bonds through their experiences on our trips.

Hall of Fame